ceiling medallion wall art

I just came across this idea posted on Another Shade of Grey (which they found on Better Homes & Gardens) and what a great idea it is! They purchased some architectural ceiling medallions (which appear at the base of the ceiling light fixture) and simply painted them various shades of yellow. Another thing to put in my growing "home inspiration" folder. I think this would look great on the empty wall of my entranceway ...

Ceiling medallions can be found here: Architectural Depot, on Ebay, locally in Boston at the Boston Building Materials Co-op and Restore.

I recommend finding places such as the last two listed here where you can get these architectural details used ... rather than buying new. You also might happen upon some other great things that will provide inspiration!


Anonymous said...

Looks nice, but how does one attach to the wall? Can "picture wire" be attached to the backs or...?

:: A S K :: said...

Hmm... yeah I'm not sure what they're made from, but you could treat it just like a photo frame and tack two small nails into either side and then use a piece of wire.

Or perhaps an adhesive "plate disc" for hanging plates would work?

See Holly's post over at Decor8