jazz and trash picking

I feel a little under the weather, but it was a great weekend, so it's all good. Saturday I spent some time checking out the performances at the Jazz Festival on Columbus Ave ... the best part, by far was the Bloco AfroBrazil drumming group. They had everyone laughing and dancing to the beats. I want to join!

Saturday night I made mojitos—both the normal variety and raspberry—while Stacy whipped out a bunch of delicious apps—coconut shrimp, corn cakes, jerked chicken kebabs and more. Wish I had a photo of the amazing spread.

And possibly the best part of the whole weekend ... the couch I grabbed from the neighbors as they were moving out, for FREE! It's fabulous. Chocolate brown tweed, mid-century Danish. Just what I've been looking for. Now if only a vintage Saarinen table like the one I saw at Catie's grandmother's would just fall into my hands, I'd be all set! (I just need a new color on the walls and to get rid of those pillows...)

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