Ria Brodell and Yuko Adachi

This past weekend, I spent some time browsing through the open studios in the South End. I saw some great work, but my favorite discovery was the art of Ria Brodell . It is so fantastical and the characters so detailed and well thought out. It just makes you smile ... particularly, the eternally grinning whale (who always appears with his friend the small submarine).

Another favorite, whose work I had been meaning to go see for awhile, is the art of Yuko Adachi . How can you resist the beautiful, punchy colors and organic forms and layering of shapes? It is obvious that her love and passion for life and the world around her are expressed through her art. When I visited her gallery she was talking about how each piece is a flow of energy ... she just lets it come out on the paper, moving her hand as the energy flows through her and as such, they sometimes take a long time! I can imagine! Anyway, if you get a chance, you just must stop in to see her work. Also, visit her site.

Now I just need to save money so I can buy some of their work.

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