I <3 Holga

Recently, I made a couple of new camera purchases :)
One of them is a Holga. What is a holga? It's a little plastic box of fun!
Ok maybe that doesn't sound right ...

But seriously, it's called a toy camera. And it is made of plastic. It is cheap. And the best part, is that it shoots medium format 120 film. It's also cool because of the "problems" ... which cause light leaks, vignetting and other distortions that give the prints a really "artsy" look that is at once both surprising and appealing.

I got into it because I was interested in trying out medium format photography after seeing photos taken with lomographic cameras on Flickr. I also stumbled across a great Holga gallery (which of course I can't find in my bookmarks), but after seeing the cool effects this camera creates, I was hooked.

Anyway, if I've sparked your interest ... here are a few links to get you started:
Lomographic Society International
Holgas Online which also has a lot more links
Holgas Microsite on Lomography.com

And shown here are a couple of my recent Holga shots. Visit my Flickr site to see bigger and better and for more!

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