Fresh look

Every now and again I think I'm going to start up my blog again. Today is one of those days. Maybe it will stick, maybe not. Either way, the pattern I'm forming and the random posts are quite interesting.

When I first signed up for this thing, it was more like an online diary where I wrote about personal things ... it wasn't public (and I have since deleted the posts—sorry). I have never kept a regular "diary" or journal (probably because when I tried to back in high school, my mom read it and I consequently got in trouble), and even the online version didn't last very long. When I rediscovered it's existence a couple of years later when setting up my ASK DZIGN blog ... I had a good laugh.

So anyway ... if you look back in the archived files of this blog, you will find entries, somewhat similar to this entry, pledging to blog regularly.

Perhaps inspired by Jodi's new blog (which is lovely, by the way) I am attempting, once again, to resurrect mine from the land of dead blogs (potential for a great visual). History repeats itself and such is the case here. Every time I try to bring this blog back, it is accompanied by a new design. Who wudda thought? This time is no different. Cleaner, fresher, more modern and it matches my site.

It seems that everyone is branding themselves these days ... small/homegrown businesses are the thing—Etsy provides an easy set up for independent artists, Ebay is feeding the pockets of entrepreneurs around the globe and Bloggers are making names for themselves across industries. And accompanying all of these set-ups are—many times—self-made logos, websites, business cards, etc.

My point in bringing this up is that I am going to jump on the bandwagon and attempt to capitalize on it all ...

In addition to my site and this blog, I am beginning to set up an Etsy store to sell my photography and hopefully, within time, other printed matter and handmade bags.

So please visit!

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