Capri Vintage Canisters :: Australia

Ooo la la! Awhile ago, Victoria of the blog SFgirlbybay featured an interview and photo tour of the home of Nannette Louchart-Fletcher located in Sydney, Australia. A gorgeous, colorful home with a lot of cute little "finds", but what jumped out to me the most was her set of vintage kitchen canisters. I just loved the 3-D type treatment on them and the fun colors! I had nearly forgotten all about them when I was browsing eBay and recalled wanting to look for a set of my own. Well with a little digging around, I managed to find a set in orange and white. Aren't they cute! I still prefer Nannette's set in 5 different colors with white type, but this will suffice. Plus, I love orange! Yayy.

For anyone else who is interested, apparently they were made by a company called Capri out of Australia. There is a second set listed on eBay in all white, though the photo is not of great quality and I can't tell if the type is 3-D or not.


Bjorn Wiinblad :: Denmark

It's been a month since my last post! Oops. I just haven't been in the mood or had the time to post. Crazy holiday stuff and crazy busy at work.

Anyway, I was finally inspired to post by the work of this Danish artist, Bjorn Wiinblad whom I discovered on Ebay! His work is so fantastical and it ranges from poster art to pottery.

Interestingly, he began his career as a typesetter :
A peculiar tradition in Wiinblad’s family was that the youngsters usually got an education as typesetter, only to find out which line of business they would actually choose later in life. 17 years old Wiinblad followed this tradition and became a typesetters apprentice in 1935. Luckily he left this path as a technical composer of newspaper pages and became an artist.

To become a designer was a natural choice for Bjørn Wiinblad who already as a child was renowned for his creative mind. Before Christmas he was always busy drawing, painting, cutting and pasting astonishing gifts for friends and family.

Apparently, his calling is to create designs that makes the world a little bit more beautiful, a little more inspiring, a little more funny and often much more colourful. In doing so, he works in many different areas, for example with ceramics, porcelain, glass, posters, decoration for the theatres as well as textiles. In his own words, working with many different kinds of art is “a permanent search for the uncertain – to be a beginner – so that I must exert myself to meet the requirements of the different tasks”.

Reference: “80 year Bjørn Wiinblad, Sophienholm” (Danish language) and “KID – Weilbach, Danish Dictionary of Artists


Ebay find ... begging for an "after"

Check out these chairs I found on Ebay! They are begging for an "after" à la So Sylvie of Blossom Home. These are a couple of her makeovers for sale or previously sold in her California shop:

Depending on what type of look you are attempting to achieve, there are several different ways in which you could breathe new life into these chairs. If you like a soft, relaxing look, I can picture the chairs refinished in a fresh coat of white and new upholstery in a bright, fresh floral. Or perhaps you want a look that's refined and preppy in which case you could upholster the cushions in something like a simple but pretty green such as the fabric used for the chair featured on Turquoise LA's website. Or, maybe you are going for something more bold, like the Hollywood regency style. Then why not paint them a smooth black and reupholster the cushions in a bright red, kelly green, a bold, modern pattern or lush velvet?(both chairs also Turquoise LA).

However, I think that due to all of the curves and bulges in the lines of these chairs, they'd work best in white. I think that they would need straighter lines to be more suited to the Hollywood Regency look ... but what do I know?


Happy Turkey Day

I'm off to help serve food to the homeless ... through an organization that my friend's mom runs called the Lazarus House!
Enjoy your family, friends & food!


fall flavors

despite the cold temps ... it is still fall! and this is one of my favorite fall flavors treats — butternut squash, sage and goat cheese pizza!

the recipe:

2 tbsp butter
2 tbsp olive oil
1 butternut squash cut up into 1 inch cubes
2 shallots finely chopped
approx 30 fresh sage leaves
pizza dough - I use the pre-made (not frozen) dough available in
the breads/pastry section of the grocery store

heat oven to 400°
warm butter and oil in a roasting pan for a few minutes
add squash, shallots and half of the sage leaves
toss to coat (you may want to drizzle some more oil over the top)
roast for 20-25 minutes (until nice and tender)

in the meantime ... stretch the dough out on a baking sheet
or ceramic pizza stone

and make a simple white sauce:
melt (on low) two tbsp butter
slowly mix in 3 tbsps flour
slowly whisk in 1 cup of milk
add some salt and pepper to taste

it will look thin and not "saucy" ... give it a few minutes (keep stirring)
once it has thickened, spread it over the dough

then, spoon out the butternut squash/shallot mixture onto the pizza, crumble the goat cheese and sprinkle on the remaining sage leaves

cook for 15-20 minutes or until crust is golden!



sooo busy

I've been so busy lately ~ at work, at home and everywhere in between. I haven't even had the opportunity to blog about a few things in Toronto that are now going to be forgotten. But here is a lovely foto of the CN Tower!


my favorite *healthy* sandwich

I first had this sandwich in Amsterdam at a café by the Centraal Station. I don't have the name of the café but it had a big mosaic wall, the bathrooms were completely (I mean ceiling to floor) done in a gorgeous mosaic and the bar had delicate, Art Deco scrollwork.

So the sandwich ... the main ingredient is smoked salmon (well-being) and if you make a smart choice in choosing your preferred variety of smoked salmon, even better! Other ingredients: cucumber (health and complexion) and a creamy spread (in accordance with the serving guidelines)>> can be something as simple as cream cheese, or I found a light dill cucumber Alouette spread that's really tasty - but finding a variation that suits you and your dietary needs is best ~ could even be goat cheese << on a good 100% whole wheat bread (health) such as that from (for Boston locals) Nashoba Brook Bakery

"it's a good thing"


New Feist poster

I just received this lovely screenprint from largemammal! It's so nice and quite large at 19"x25" ... for only $20.

I've also got my eye on this poster over at Delicious Design League. I think it would be a nice compliment to the Feist poster and together, they can hang in my dining room!

For more great concert poster art visit:

Aesthetic Apparatus
Dan Stiles
Guy Burwell
and Flatstock designers for a list and links for some of the most popular poster designers out there.

Make My Logo Bigger!!

This is a must-see for any creatives who work in the design studio/advertising world.


Toronto Bound!

I'm being sent to Toronto for work! I will fly out Thursday AM and spend the rest of the day and all day Friday taking photos of our Emirates billboards and other such work. I'm also going to stay the weekend since I've never been to Toronto and I might as well check out the city while I'm there ... considering work is paying for the flight.

photo credit: King Dafy on Flickr

Piet Hein Eek furniture

2 years ago, I visited The Frozen Fountain during my trip to Amsterdam. The store is full of gorgeous items from a range of contemporary Dutch artists/designers. I loved everything there, but there were a few items that really stood out and one of them was this table.

It is made from scraps of wood that have been carefully pieced together and layered to form a beautiful patchwork tabletop. I love the fact that this really substantial and quality piece of furniture was created from a pile of scrap. Yayy recycling!

Anyway, when I was at the store, I drew the table in my sketchbook but forgot to write down the name of the designer. I didn't forget about it though. I came across a photo of the table (1st photo) in Japanese Vogue and have been holding on to it since ... but I still didn't have the name of the designer (I can't read Japanese).

So when I read that sfgirlbybay blogger Victoria was going to Amsterdam, I was hoping she would also visit the store, that they might still carry this designer's work, that she would be just as impressed by it as I was and that she would then blog about it! And lo and behold, that's precisely what she did! And so I am pleased to finally have this designer's name.

It is Piet Hein Eek and they have a large collection of furniture (as well as lighting and ceramics) made from a variety of materials >> scrap wood to plywood to aluminum. They even have a steel version of the table!

So this is what blogging networks are all about!


happy saturday

from my baby ~ Riley ... sure wish I had her to cuddle with on this yucky rainy morning!



Ok, I apologize for bragging ... it's not what this blog is meant for, but my photo (blogged about here) is a U.S. finalist in the Metro Global Photo Challenge!! It was featured today in the center spread of the New York Metro! Cool, huh?!

Considering that I just entered on a whim because the winning prize is 2 tickets to Paris ~ I'm pretty pleased and quite surprised by the outcome thus far! You may now begin submitting pleas to be my companion ;)

It's also really neat because one of the judges is a Getty Images representative ... which is nice because it offers validation in addition to what I've received from friends and family. And it means that there is a possibility that I could have a successful side gig selling my photography to a stock house.

What a nice end to a looooong week.


new table ~

ok ... i think i have an unhealthy addiction ... to furniture.
Tonight I'm going out to pick up my imitation Saarinen Tulip Table (Ikea)—found on craigslist. Yes, I could just as easily go to Ikea or order it from the site, but this way I don't have to pay for a Zipcar or shipping. AND it's cheaper than the listed $150 since it was bought last year (but still brand new as it was only used in a real estate ad!).

This table will go in my entranceway which is just one big, awkward space. It is open to both the living and dining rooms and our three bedrooms also link to the space. So this table will sit in the center of the space and have a pretty vase on it and some fresh flowers ... as often as possible.
Ikea version on the left and the real deal on the right. The base of the real thing is all one piece. But because of the nature of Ikea products ... their version comes in a couple of pieces which creates a "seam" in the material. The relationship between the thin and thick of the base is also not as nice, nor is the edge of the table top. So, it's not as elegant as the original Saarinen ... but it will have to do!


"I draw rocks"

I almost forgot about this interesting woman I met on the first flight of my trip to Mozambique {Boston to Amsterdam}. I had the pleasure of sitting next to Miss Lilian Cooper who, when asked what she does for a living, responded with "I draw rocks". She went on to explain that she was on her way home after a month-long residency spent on the coast of Maine, drawing the rock formations. She is doing a 20-year project (I think 20 years is correct ...) tracing the edges of the North Atlantic coast! So she is getting sponsored to travel the world drawing the coastline. In looking at the very linear and detailed way in which she executes these drawings it's easy to make the connection between this work and the work of her past life as an architect.
Of all the people I could have been seated next to! Clearly, I had a million questions. I mean, how does one sit on the rocky coast and draw on HUGE pieces of paper? (many of her drawings are large-scale) And in pencil?! She said she just rolls it along. I assumed the paper must get really crinkled and dirty, but apparently that's not the case. A squished bug here and there, but for the most part, it stays clean. I was also really interested in how her drawings will be preserved, because after spending days on the coast, the paper has obviously been exposed to a lot of salty water. Too many questions, not enough time!

{ Also, she successfully carried a bag full of rocks onto the plane with her by explaining to the security that she is an artist and finds them beautiful?! }


Today I googled "peacemaker" because I am working on our company's annual Christmas card and one of my ideas is to send out an item that would be a "peacemaker". For instance, it might be an everyday object such as cottonballs for the ears (except that's cliché and boring). Anyway, I googled this word, just to see what popped up and what is the 3rd image in the Google image search results?

I don't know, the box would have to be really big. I think we'd go over-budget.



on the radiowe heard november rainthat solo's really longbut it's a pretty songwe listened to it twice'cause the DJ was asleep
Regina Spektor On the Radio

Recently, I've heard more than usual about vintage radios. In chatting with one of my coworkers today, I discovered that the CEO of the company I work for has a room full of them at his house (photo is not of his actual collection). And Holly at Decor8 just blogged about one she purchased which is, of course, über cute. She has not yet revealed the maker, which I took as a challenge: I had to find one on eBay. And lo and behold, my search was a success. While I love hers in all white, I have to admit that I think that the Coca-Cola tag gives it even greater pop appeal and I can just picture it on a shelf full of a mix of vintage toys, found treasures and more modern toys such as a few KidRobot (Dunny, Munny, Labbit) and Uglydoll vinyl figures!


tabletop decorating

I've been thinking about how I'd like to decorate the table for my dinner party in December ... The theme is "Fall Fresh" >> Fresh Foods, Faces & Flirtinis (but only because that's the only drink that starts with an "F"). I want it to be a semi-formal party—I say "semi" because I don't want to scare my friends away by pulling a "Brie" from Desperate Housewives (not that I even could pull that off if I wanted to) and because I don't have the proper table settings for a real formal event. Mainly, I just want to put what I have of my grandmother's china to use, so semi-formal it is!
Anyway, I've found some really interesting (and most importantly, reasonably priced) things on Jamali Garden such as these moss covered rocks and balls.
And on Save On Crafts the beautiful bright green artificial allium balls (spikey ones), pinecones and twine garland. You could also hit up Target for the twine balls and some other "fillers". Their Jasmine Decorative Balls would be ideal, priced at $15.69 for over 15 pieces, except for the fact that they are potpourri. You don't want smelly things at the dinner table!

I also want to put to use things I already have, as well as DIY some stuff ... so I'm trying to figure how it will all work together. Right now, I'm picturing a candlelit, mossy, natural landscape sprawling the length of the table. But in order to keep it from looking like I dumped a pile of pond slime on the table, I think I will mix in some crisp clean white ceramic pieces and silver.

However, my grandmother's china is white and it has a gold rim. I don't particularly like gold and I don't have gold silverware or table accessories. So, in order for it all to make sense, I'm going to mix the two shiny shades throughout—in the decor by gathering up some dried leaves and spray painting them both gold and silver and by mixing in some silver pieces such as my engraved "S" candlesticks (which are crying for a polish).

Metro Boston feature

This is a little delayed, but my photo of a Bloco AfroBrazil Drummer taken September 29th at the 7th Annual Beantown Jazz Festival was featured in the Boston Metro Paper! Yayy. I submitted it for the Metro Global Photo Challenge and it appeared in the October 3rd issue. Additionally, I won a $25 gift certificate to a camera shop. It was also chosen as the photo of the week and I received another gift certificate for $75!

ceiling medallion wall art

I just came across this idea posted on Another Shade of Grey (which they found on Better Homes & Gardens) and what a great idea it is! They purchased some architectural ceiling medallions (which appear at the base of the ceiling light fixture) and simply painted them various shades of yellow. Another thing to put in my growing "home inspiration" folder. I think this would look great on the empty wall of my entranceway ...

Ceiling medallions can be found here: Architectural Depot, on Ebay, locally in Boston at the Boston Building Materials Co-op and Restore.

I recommend finding places such as the last two listed here where you can get these architectural details used ... rather than buying new. You also might happen upon some other great things that will provide inspiration!


I have a soft spot for orange

Craigslist alert! If I didn't already have a great couch and I had the $$$, I would snatch this up. I don't think it's quite as traffic cone orange as it looks here ... the photos were really dark, so I brightened this up. But what a couple of nice pieces!


X Games meets Apple

So for the other half of the weekend, I guess I played the role of Susie Homemaker's more edgy/modern sister? Basically, that entailed sitting in front of my computer for 6 hours designing graphics for the Discovery (children's) line of First Act guitars. The designs will be made into stickers to be included with the guitar, so kids can create their own custom look!

little Susie Homemaker

That's basically what I played this weekend and it was so much fun! Even though it was a gorgeous weekend outside, I had a great time reupholstering, sewing and hanging art with the windows wide open and the music blasting. And I also had a perfect view from the dining room/work room windows of the cute guy landscaping next door! ;)

So after I finished the chairs, I used the leftover fabric to sew some curtains for the open pantry shelves. That area had been bothering me for awhile, with all of our food stuff in plain view. It just looked so messy. It was a really simple project ... I just created two panels and used the leftover hardware from the curtains I hung in my room to extend them across the shelving. The only "problem" is that the pattern doesn't match up from one panel to the next. The amount of fabric I had left *just* fit the space ... I didn't have enough to make them match perfectly. Oh well! They still look nice.

The artwork: a couple of prints I made in high school that just happened to fit in some extra Ikea Ribba frames I had lying around. The woman and the man are gazing at one another :)


Pee & Poo in my Loo

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right? In that case, I might just have to imitate this bathroom art in Kim's house by bloggers Kim & Jo of Desire to Inspire. SO simple, witty and cute.

Photos from kimhas5cats on Flickr.


my grandmother's chairs get new life!

As this is my first attempt at reupholstering ... I have to brag a little. The chairs look amazing! I mean, there's not much to compare it to considering the old upholstery was disgusting, but I think they turned out pretty well. Of course that's due in part to the lovely fabric by Amy Butler. I was also really careful to cut/place the fabric in the same way on each chair so that the pattern matches from chair to chair. I think it's more professional looking that way.


home makeover

The "new" couch and furniture was part of it, but there's a bigger picture. I want to repaint most of my apartment to brighten things up and add some new accessories—new living room rug, new pillows, new curtains—you get the idea.

I've collected inspiration from a variety of places ... many of the images were found on sfgirlbybay and decor8.

From there, I created a moodboard. I started by using a shot of my existing living room and other pieces of furniture and art that I own. Then, in Photoshop, I manipulated my living room to reflect a new paint color for the wall, the coffee table refinished in white and a new rug and curtains. I proceeded to add in new elements to complement what I was establishing for a color palette—fabrics, entranceway rug, etc. I also added in a few things that I've been coveting for awhile: IKEA Docksta table and art by Matte Stephens. Actually, what I really want is an original Saarinen table (as I've mentioned in a few posts already), but they are too expensive for my budget.

Click to view larger


Adler inspiration

I'm not a huuuge fan of Jonathan Adler's designs ... but what I do like is finding examples of pieces on eBay, which when placed side-by-side, clearly show what he is inspired by!

The horse on the left is a piece of mid-century pottery I found on eBay. The horse on the right is a piece designed by Jonathan Adler.

I'm undecided as to which I like more. I love the variations in green and the "roughness" of the design of the original piece. But on the other hand, I really like the cleaned up lines and simple white of JA's design.

Down to two

So I have new fabric choices, but I think I've narrowed it down to these two. Yayy!