Signage >v.2

After posting that last blog, I began to go through some of my old photos to see what other signs I have taken photos of for one reason or another. The first one that I came across is this photo of a sign seen on a ferry in Bermuda.

This one also made me laugh. Not because I thought it was idiotic, but because I actually thought that it meant, "No Burgers." (Don't you?)

I realized a bit later that it more likely means "No Food."

I find it disturbing that anyone would think that a burger is an international symbol for food. Is that what this McDonald's Nation has come to? The possibility that an icon of a burger—which no doubt has gained it's fame and increasing popularity due to McDonald's worldwide recognition—might actually be a symbol that we recognize generally as "food," more so than a pile of fresh fruit and vegetables (for instance) is frustrating and a bad sign of where we stand in terms of eating habits.

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Anonymous said...

ha. my coworker thought it meant "no obesity!"