Going Dutch

Next step: search my brain for HTML skillz in order to turn this "blah" template into something a bit more interesting. That will give me something to do in all of my free time at work!
This little dish I have posted here is something I found on Ebay. I love it. Didn't win it, but love it! It's a piece of 1960's Poole Pottery (based in Dorset—England & one of the oldest manufacturers), but it has this Early American/Pennsylvania Dutch design feel. So folky. See here for some other stuff I love I have a book full of Early American design motifs ... I need to go through it and scan some things in that really relate to the relief in this dish.


Angela said...

This is beautiful. You seriously always find the best stuff. Someday when I own and apartment or house, I would love to have you design an entire room for me. You have the most unique sense of style and taste.

Lori said...

you are addicted to buying pottery on eBay right now. and didn't you know that white porcelain birds are so in right now. show us the picture of the new purchase.