everything repeats itself.

I've begun to go through the volumes of U&LC I acquired through an EBay auction, and found this quote in an issue from 1973 ...

"Graphic designers today are borrowing—or reviving—traditional forms with increasing frequency to create exciting graphic images. The compelling nature of these images invites imitation. Prolific imitation creates trends. And trends result in a prevailing style, mode, or fashion. When something is fashionable it becomes contemporary, no matter its origin."

I find this extremely interesting given how relative this still is today. I knew that "borrowing and reviving" was a tremendous "trend" right now, but I guess I didn't realize that designers over 30 years ago were doing it too. At times I feel like I'm guilty of falling into the trappings of imitation or trendiness and feel like everyone right now is borrowing and that nothing is new, so finding this quote somehow makes me feel better about it all. Of course, it's still important to try to use things in new ways.

"Everything repeats itself. It's amazing that everybody thinks things are new, but it's all repeat." Andy Warhol

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